wednesday bible study

Our 6:30pm adult Bible study is currently viewing and discussing a video about false teachings called Clouds Without Water. 


This is a new group we're trying out for a few months. We meet at Dawn's home for a pitch-in meal and a Bible study (currently the Old Testament book of Esther).  For our September meeting, bring something to go along with enchilada casserole. If you decide to come at the last minute and haven't signed up or don't have anything to bring, please come anyway! You may sign up in the church lobby or here.

Life groups -- 3/3rds

Will be starting back up in September: We are bringing new life to our life groups!  We have been fortunate to work with Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY by adopting their program called 3/3rds.  What we do in our groups is revealed in the name.  Our sessions are broken down into 3 parts: 1/3 Follow up and accountability, 1/3 reading God’s Word and discussing, 1/3 setting goals in the areas of obedience, training, and sharing for the week.  The groups are meant not just to get into the Word of God, which is vital to our faith, but it is also for discipleship.  We examine our lives through prayer and see where God is calling us in deeper obedience.  We then ask the LORD to show us someone we are to train or disciple.  Lastly, we pray about who we can share the Gospel with that week.  The group will meet (frequency to be determined by the leader) and we will encourage one another to grow deeper and reach out more.  For more information please see our visitor table or email Pastor JR at

Sunday Studies

We currently have 3 adult Sunday School classes . You may choose  a study using Standard curriculum or a DVD based lesson with discussion, or a class of mostly senior women. All of them are Bible based and designed to help you grow in your walk with God. 

A nursery is also available to care for infants of those attending.